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Watch Video: Mass Midnight Evacuation, People Quarantined in Metal Boxes in China

Reports say, pregnant women, children and the elderly are being imprisoned in Xi'an camps. Footage shared online shows people in small boxes with wooden beds and toilets.
January 13, 2022

People contracting the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in China are forcefully confined to cramped metal boxes, the Daily Mail reported on Wednesday. The people include pregnant women and children, the report further said.

As many as 5.5 million people have been home-quarantined and some cities have been put under lockdown after two cases of the Omicron variant were reported in Anyang late Monday. According to insiders, the horrors of China’s zero Covid truth can be understood from the reports of pregnant women, children and the elderly being imprisoned in Xi’an camps. Footage shared online shows people in small boxes with wooden beds and toilets, where they are forced to stay for two weeks. China is one of the first countries to impose a lockdown where crores of people are still imprisoned in their homes.

The situation is getting worse due to the coronavirus lockdown in Xi’an city of China. Many people have said that they are left with no food to eat due to unnecessary strictness in the lockdown. At the same time, Chinese officials have claimed that enough food is being supplied to the people. In this city, one crore 30 lakh people are imprisoned in their homes for the last 9 days.

According to a report in The Daily Mail, China is imprisoning thousands of people in quarantine camps on the outskirts of Xi’an city. The people imprisoned in these camps have told in the report that pregnant women, the elderly and children have also been kept there. They have also told the horrors of the detention camps in the zero covid state.

A video being shared online shows people in small boxes equipped with wooden beds and toilets. In this place, they are forced to stay for two weeks. Some people wearing PPE kits are seen giving food to the people imprisoned in these camps. Those who were imprisoned in these quarantine camps have been told that they were given very little food.

State media reported that city officials have ordered all residents to stay at home. People have been told not to come out on the streets unless it is very important to come out of their homes. All modes of transport to and from the city have been closed except in special cases. The order states that one person from each household will be allowed to go out every two days to buy household necessities. Can’t even go out for some reason. The government claims that the supply of food is the same as before, but many people on social media say that they have not yet received the food items. Many people have mentioned situations like starvation.

A Video was surfaced which showed Footage of a man outside the camp being beaten up by an epidemic worker who had come out of his room to buy some items.