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Mana Foresta, India’s first vertical forest tower

September 17, 2021
Mana Foresta

Mana Foresta: Living a symbiotic life in a city with nature on one side and modern facilities on the other side are increasingly becoming popular in a trend towards giving urban lifestyles a natural feel. The fantasy of living in a forest with birds chirping in the morning, and the fresh breath of pure oxygen is nothing less than a panacea for the urban soul.

Originally inspired by the Bosco Verticale, a building with a cross-over urban/rural concept that was completed in 2014 in Milan, Italy, Mana Foresta on Bangalore’s Sarjapur Road aims to bring the futuristic concept to India. The cosmopolitan city and tech hub of the country was deemed perfect to initiate a project of this scale.

The green building business has seen slow growth as the model was first launched many years back. Builders began with eco-friendly features and landscaped balconies. Since then the role of nature in has increased slowly finally leading to Mana Foresta as its current opus.

The primary goal of the project was to integrate the indoors and outdoors and create nostalgic and evocative homes, bring a sense of the Indian countryside while residing in the heart of a metropolis.

Each home has fully grown trees on its balconies, which create an awe-inspiring facade from the street level while also providing a calming sense of warmth inside the home. Maintenance of these plants is often simplified with the use of automated drip irrigation, which ensures that all trees are self-watering and need little or no human interference.

To ensure the wellbeing of the trees and inhabitants, Mana Projects has also developed a one-of-a-kind wind decelerator that will ensure that all trees receive an adequate amount of airflow to promote growth and longevity.