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Mahindra Group to calculate its impact on society financially: Anand Mahindra

October 2, 2021

With environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing and impact investing fast becoming the focus of attention worldwide, the Mahindra Group will now quantify and report its social impact in financial terms, Mahindra said

Mahindra and RIL are two Indian companies that have teamed up with 61 other global companies to commit to the key stakeholder capitalism metrics released by IBC at the January World Economic Forum. The Mahindra Group will measure its social impact “as rigorously” as it measures its financial performance.

The social and environmental impact of the Mahindra Group in AF21 is about $ 4 billion according to preliminary calculations, group chairman Anand Mahindra said as he nearly addressed shareholders at the annual general meeting from company on Friday. “Fast in its impact Going World, Mahindra Group is now quantifying and reporting its social impact in monetary terms,” said Mahindra. “It is not only an altruistic thought but also a good deed. There’s a quiet revolution going on in the business world,” said Mahindra. The stock markets are also starting to reward companies with goals. Social impact is becoming more and more important for companies. with investors.”

The 66-year-old promoter of the second-generation group will assume the role of non-consecutive chairman from November this year, 12 months after market regulator Sebi announced the separation of functions of the top 500 listed companies. as of April 2022. Investment ESG refers to the observation of investments in an organization following an assessment of the organization’s insurance policies towards its environment, company and governance practices. Impact investing examines the direct social and environmental impact of an organization.

They are committed to achieving carbon neutrality, reducing landfill waste and planting 5 million trees per year, educating 1,000,000 women and supporting 1,000,000 girls to increase environmental and social impact. They are  part of the push for the G7’s work to develop strategies to measure impact. “This will obviously be the way to measure the value of a business in the future,” he said. “The rules of the game have changed”.