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List of Endangered Animals to be Displayed at Public Places in Jharkhand

May 20, 2022
Endangered Animals

To curb wildlife crime, a list of endangered and endangered species found in Jharkhand will be posted at public places like railway stations, airports and bus stop, forestry officials said on Thursday.

He said the list would be displayed on digital screens, billboards and flyers in public places to garner public support for wildlife crime control. Law enforcement agencies were also invited to provide training to deal with wildlife crime.

More than 29% of the forest is protected, and Jharkhand has 11 wildlife sanctuaries. Illegal trade in wildlife such as pangolins, turtles and parrots is common in the state.

Additionally, officials said that illegal traders see Jharkhand as a transit point and its routes are used to transport wildlife to Bangladesh and various states in the country.

The decision to post the endangered species list was taken at an inter-agency coordination meeting between central and state regulators. The meeting was organized by the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB).