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Kochi at the helm, Kerala wins the award

October 27, 2021

Kerala wins an award for the ‘City with the most sustainable transportation system

To the virtue of Kochi’s remarkable progressive projects like – Kochi Metro, Water Metro, e-mobility, Kerala has won the award for the” City with the most sustainable transport system“, affirms transport Minister Antony Raju. The award will be bestowed on October 29 in Delhi by Union Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs Hardeep Singh Puri. Furthermore, “the Kochi Open Mobility Network”, which initializes and amalgamates various transport facilities, was also acknowledged. Profuse international ventures in the automobile sector predominantly based on green energy may favour investing in Kochi after this huge honor which might augment the advancement of the city. Funding from the state and union governments might cascade to prop up the furtherance to boost the transport system.

Minister Antony Raju also append that the Centre has insinuated that they might reconnoiter the possibility of taking Kochi as a paragon for similar projects across the country. With a commendable and viable transport system, Kochi may stimulate to hasten the progress of such subjects by the Union government. Kochi is in high eminence stated Mayor M Anil Kumar, he witnessed the same as the Government had envisaged the Urban Mobility Conference in Kochi. But due to the pandemic later was proposed to be held online.

Kumar added in his confabulation that Kochi is the only city in the entire country where Urban Metropolitan Transport Authority is forged. According to officers of Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL), which is implementing the Rs 747-crore Water Metro project, will be the supreme organized water transport system in the world. Kochi might be the first city in the country where the entire public transport system: The metro, the buses, the boat autorickshaw and the taxis will work together as a seamlessly integrated system with common timetable and ticketing, centralized command and control. Kochi is consistently working on the plan to procure electric buses and hydrogen buses. In the Swachh Mission ranking Kochi have attained fourth place.