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Italy to Have Six New Wind Farms as Part of Renewable Drive

The Italian government has approved the construction of six wind farms with a capacity of 418 megawatts as it steps up efforts to reduce dependence on Russian gas, say reports.
March 12, 2022
wind farm

The Government of Italy has given a nod to the construction of six wind farms in Italy: four in Puglia, one in Basilicata and one in Sardinia. The plants will ensure a power of 418 MW.

The four Apulian parks are all in the province of Foggia. In particular, in the 43.2 MW town of Castelluccio dei Sauri; “Salice-La Paduletta” in the municipalities of Cerignola and Orta Nova of 58.5 MW; in the municipality of Sant’Agata di Puglia of 39.6 MW; “Montaratro”, in the municipality of Troia of 121.9 MW. Added to these is the expansion of the wind farm in the province of Sassari for 121.5 MW; and the extension of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the 33 MW “Corona Prima” wind farm in the municipality of Tricarico (Matera).

On the projects given the green light by the Council of Ministers, the national co-spokesman of Europa Verde, Angelo Bonelli, said, “Faced with the serious crisis following the increase in energy prices, with worrying consequences from the point of socially and economically, we would have expected the government to authorise a substantial part of the wind and photovoltaic plants, currently irresponsibly blocked. Having authorised six plants with a power of 418 MW, or 0.418 GW, is an infinitesimal signal compared to that of which Italy would need, also in light of the speculations on the price of electricity deriving from the war.”

Bonelli added, “To reach the goal of the energy transition, our country must install 80 GW of renewables by 2030, with an average of 9 GW per year: in 2021, we installed just 1 GW. it is unacceptable is that, as Terna’s numbers show, at the end of last October, requests for authorisation for wind and solar plants on land equal to 130GW were received, to which must be added 22.7 GW of requests for wind turbines to be put into the sea.”