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Investor Communities Changing the EdTech Scene in India

November 10, 2021
EdTech scene

More inclusive systems and higher standards have always been at the forefront of our education sector. Yet, India’s EdTech scene is a place that is yet to reach its full potential in India despite the fact that we have a number of masterfully built and developed systems. The major gaps have been seen as follows:

  • Investment: We require investment communities that will have a mentorship role with a more visionary approach. These communities need private involvement as well as intervention in the way public infrastructure supports it.
  • Access: Access has been a major problem that the EdTech scene in India has faced, especially given the state of affairs when the pandemic hit. This has created a large gaping hole with much ground to cover in terms of the reach of EdTech and connectivity that can power EdTech at all.
  • Infrastructure: This automatically brings us to the question of infrastructure building in the EdTech scene. There is a requirement for more private parties to step forward in order to create the infrastructure that can easily be reached and accessed by people in rural areas as well.
  • Talent and Ideas: Finally, there is no dearth of ideas, but there is a dearth of solutions when it comes to helping these ideas see the light of the day. In this sense, the EdTech scene needs to see more investment around talent and the nurturing of skills that can bring in a more definitive vision for the future.

Having said that, there are a number of investors and venture capitalists who are dedicated to the EdTech scene in India. Investor communities headed by Zerodha co founder, Nikhil Kamath, have come up with a solution like the Alternative Investment Fund called the True Beacon which believes in promoting the cause and the case of the EdTech scene for wider distribution of resources, better chances at upskilling and more connectivity to help students tap into opportunities in the post pandemic world.