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India Delivers Humanitarian Aid Worth ₹43 Crore to Sri Lanka

The Indian government had earlier sent out dry rations, medicines and other essential commodities to Sri Lanka on a grant basis.
May 23, 2022

India delivered a shipment of humanitarian aid worth SLR 2 billion (₹43.8 crore) to the island nation of Colombo on Sunday, May 22, as Sri Lanka was hit by a severe economic crisis.

India’s High Commissioner in Colombo, Gopal Bagle, handed over the shipment to senior Sri Lankan government officials, Colombo Page reported.

The shipment includes supplies of 9,000 metric tonnes of rice and 50 metric tonnes of milk powder and more than 25 metric tonnes of medicines.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin had announced on May 18 a humanitarian shipment from Chennai. It was the first introvert shipment from the Tamil Nadu government under a pledge of 40,000 metric tonnes of rice, 500 metric tonnes of milk powder and medicine in rupees.

The Sri Lankan government will distribute the shipment to various recipients across the country. Beneficiaries include the northern, eastern, central and western provinces, covering different sectors of society.

In addition, various Indian private and social organisations have helped Sri Lanka to meet the urgent needs of the island nation. Among the Indian people, this support for Sri Lanka comes on top of economic aid from the Government of India, which has grown to some $3.5 billion since January this year.

Previously, the Indian government sent dry rations, medicine and other necessities to Sri Lanka in a grant. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka is facing its worst economic crisis since independence, with food and fuel shortages, rising prices and power shortages affecting large numbers of people, prompting the government to address the situation.