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IIT Madras Raised Rs.200 Crore in Last Two Years for Tech-Driven CSR Projects

CSR is best positioned for addressing tomorrow’s problems and needs, says Mahesh Panchagnula, dean, corporate and alumni affairs, IIT Madras
December 22, 2021
IIT Madras
Prof. Mahesh Panchagnula, Dean (ACR), IIT Madras, addressing the IIT-M roundtable Meet in Mumbai (Photo Credit- IIT Madras)

IIT Madras has raised about Rs.200 crore from over 140 corporate firms in the past two years for technology-driven corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects. The information was shared by the institute at the recently held conference, Explore and Grow – CSR Partnerships, in Mumbai.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras hosted the round-table conference in Mumbai to study the emerging trends in technology to drive CSR initiatives.  Titled Explore and Grow – CSR Partnerships, the conference saw the active participation of corporate leaders, decision-makers and CSR heads from various industries. The event focused on the emerging trend within India’s CSR – the use of technology to drive change on the ground. The session included panel discussions by renowned expert faculty from IIT Madras on socially-relevant projects that have come from the institute research. The panels explored pressing issues such as affordable healthcare, sustainable urban infrastructure development, algorithms to solve real-world problems and revolutionising the edu-skilling space. Speaking at the conference, Mahesh Panchagnula, dean, corporate and alumni affairs, IIT Madras, said, “India has committed to reaching certain SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). CSR is best positioned for solving tomorrow’s problems and meeting tomorrow’s needs.”

Portescap India and IIT Madras have partnered for CSR initiatives in the healthcare field – AREBO (Arm Rehabilitation Robot) and ‘Sit to Stand’ Mobility Projects. “We are impressed with the progress in both. Our partnership mirrors our core values, and we look forward to furthering such initiatives which bring our corporate and CSR philosophy to life,” said Usha Vandavasi, Director-Finance and CFO, Portescap India Private Limited.

Rema Mohan, CEO, NSE Foundation, said, “CSR plays a catalytic role in ensuring that socially relevant low-cost solutions are created and scaled. The NSE Foundation has addressed pressing problems such as air pollution and septic tank cleaning through mechanised solutions and worked closely with IIT Madras to create scalable solutions.”