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Ideas for Alternative Development Model Discussed At The ICF Roundtable

March 16, 2023
Alternate Development Model Roundtable

One of the leading not-for-profit organisations dedicatedly to working for India’s nation-building process for over two decades, India Center Foundation (ICF), hosted a roundtable discussion on Alternative Development Model (ADM) and Peace  at the India International Center, New Delhi. The ICF roundtable is a platform for knowledge-sharing and ideating new strategies for sustainable growth by adopting environment-friendly measures. The session brought together eminent individuals and organizations that have been fervently dedicated to evolving new models of development and building peace in society.

The enriching session was graced by deliberations and insights from eminent personalities like former CEO of NITI Aayog Amitabh Kant, Co-President, IFF Deputy Leader and Norwegian Nobel Committee DrAsleToje, Co-President, IFF Prof AlexandarHarang, Member of Parliament Manish Tewari, former Member of Parliament DrBizaySonkarShastri, former Ambassador to Germany, Indonesia, ASEAN, African Union Gurjit Singh, Norwegian politician representing the Progress Party Himanshu Gulati, former Director of Operations, Prime Minister’s Office Sudheendra Kulkarni, and political commentator and policy analyst Dr Sanjay Baru. The roundtable was effectively moderated by the Founding Chairman of India Center Foundation, Vibhav Kant Upadhyay.

“ADM is a groundbreaking model of strategies designed to overhaul and upgrade the development operating system that espouses non-exploitation of people, resources and environment at its core to create equitable opportunities through new types of economic entities. We are honoured to host some of the most distinguished speakers, including renowned experts and thought leaders, who shared their insights and experiences on various topics, including geopolitics, nuclear risk reduction, and the role of the Nobel Peace Prize in empowering processes of peace and development,” noted Founding Chairman of India Center Foundation Vibhav Kant Upadhyay.

The co-organizer of the event was International Peace and Understanding (IFF), a Norwegian organization dedicated to world peace, that brings together various participants to strengthen public support and the political will needed to fundamentally change the role of nuclear weapons in security policy and prevent nuclear war. The mission of the IFF is to reduce the threat of intentional or unintentional nuclear war and establish peace.

“During the roundtable, participants could witness rich deliberations and interactions encircling key topics like Recalibrating the World From Exploitation to Empowerment, Adopting the New Model of Socio-Economic Growth prioritizing peace, Geopolitics in the 21st Century (How shifting power dynamics creates instability and how can it be mitigated), Nuclear Risk Reduction (adoption of “No First Use” policy), and The Nobel Peace Prize – Past, Present, Future. I am optimistic that dialogues as such will be inspirations for many to bring in a positive change in the society and foster sustainable growth,” mentioned Co-President, IFF Deputy Leader and Norwegian Nobel Committee DrAsleToje.

Representatives from ICF and IFF, along with leaders, policymakers, and academicians, discussed the need to shift from the current exploitative model of development to the new empowering model of ADM and what this intergenerational synergy means for sustaining peace in the world.