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IAF Heritage Centre opened In Chandigarh to showcase its rich legacy

May 9, 2023
IAF women pilot
Image used for representation purpose only. Picture Credit - Flickr

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has inaugurated the Indian Air Force (IAF) Heritage Centre in Chandigarh which is an embodiment of IAF’s rich history and legacy, houses a collection of artefacts, murals and 3D dioramas, showcasing the evolution of the force since its inception. It displays the heroic deeds of the IAF and the country’s technological progress in aircraft and equipment.

One of the highlights of the centre is the array of simulators that allows visitors to replicate the thrill of flying iconic aircraft in the IAF’s inventory and gives them a chance to get a taste of what it feels to be a pilot. The Centre, now open to the public, also houses enclosures dedicated to the war campaigns in which IAF had participated. These provide a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about the crucial role the IAF has played in defending the nation.

In his address Singh termed the Heritage Centre as a testament to the courage and dedication of all those who have served in the IAF; a tribute to their sacrifice and a reminder of their invaluable contribution in protecting the nation. He recalled the contribution of the IAF in the 1948 war, Goa Liberation War of 1961, 1962, 1965, 1971 and Kargil wars, which showcased the force’s strength, commitment and professionalism.

On the 1971 war, Singh stated that the joint Manship, integration and commitment showcased by the three Services during the war was unprecedented and extraordinary. He said, the war was not fought for any land or power, but for humanity and democracy.

“It was a proof that India believes in ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’ and it is our duty to stand against any kind of injustice. Winning the war on the strength of our strategies and not imposing any kind of political control there symbolized India’s strengths as well as its values and cultural generosity,” he said, adding that the Centre will be a reflection of this valour and commitment.

Defense Minister further asserted that the Centre will serve as a source of inspiration for the future generations. “The IAF has a rich heritage and it is our responsibility to preserve and showcase it. This centre will become an important means of preserving the history of the IAF and motivating the youth to imbibe the values ​​of the Armed Forces,” he said.

Governor of Punjab and Administrator of Chandigarh Banwarilal Purohit and Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari were among those present on the occasion.