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Gujarat’s First Pediatric Covid Hospital is being built by the Reliance Foundation

October 5, 2021

Gujarat’s first Paediatric Covid Hospital, with 230 beds, was e-inaugurated today at Guru Govindsingh Hospital in Jamnagar by the state’s Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Bhupendrabhai Patel

Gujarat’s first paediatric covid hospital, with 230 beds, has been opened by the Reliance Foundation. The Jamnagar hospital will have 30 paediatric intensive care units, 10 neonatal intensive care units, 22 medical intensive care units, and ten state-of-the-art ventilators. In Jamnagar, the foundation had already established a 400-bed covid care facility. “This (new) facility will be able to satisfy the future needs of Jamnagar, Devbhumi-Dwarka, and the entire Saurashtra region. In a statement, the Foundation stated, “All beds in this facility will be provided with uninterrupted medical quality oxygen.”

The organisation stated that this gadget is environmentally beneficial because it emits minimal radiation and does not require electricity, and that essential efforts have been made to guarantee adequate ventilation, lighting, and hygiene for the hospitalised youngsters. “The Foundation has undertaken several activities and efforts for all of its employees, their families, and society at large to assist and safeguard them against this epidemic pandemic,” said the Foundation. In addition to free healthcare for COVID patients, free meals for over seven crore people in need, and free mass immunizations to combat the pandemic, said the Hospital.

This institution is outfitted with cutting-edge covid care technologies including as Bi-pap machines for PICU, HFNC units, C-PAP machines, and ultra-modern NICU-specific devices. There are also ECG machines, Defibrillator machines, Children’s Weighing Machines, Neo Natal Pulse Oximeters, Auto Scope, Ophthalmo Scope, Infrared Thermometers, vein finders, Loringo Scope, Ambu-Bag, and other medical equipment available. Furthermore, a high-tech, lightweight (1.8 kg), wireless portable X-ray machine is available, which is the first of its kind in India and can take x-rays in seconds at the patient’s bedside. This unit is environmentally beneficial because it emits very little radiation and does not require energy. Apart from setting up free hospitals for COVID patients, providing free meals to nearly seven crore people in need, and providing free mass immunisation to combat the pandemic – #Corona Haarega India Jeetega.