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Green Jobs Witness 31% Surge, Monster India Reports

July 6, 2022
Green Jobs

With the global revolution in clean energy and sustainable practices, the demand for green jobs grew by 31% in May 2022. Many new sectors have started to move towards a green environment, such as hospitality, travel and automobiles. Monster.com data shows that the platform has around half a million jobs associated directly or indirectly with the green economy, the highest level ever. The most sought-after skills are climate change, waste management, sustainability and environmental management.

With climate crises and epidemics, the narrative of sustainable practices has changed, prompting people to think differently, says Sekhar Garisa, Monster India CEO, APAC & Gulf. “Today, the macro sentiment around environmental safety is paramount and more and more companies have become socially conscious in their activities, striving towards a sustainable future,” he says.

Change is happening on all levels. Garisa says that policymakers, investors and business leaders are shifting their priorities. India has also seen significant change. Statistics show that more than half a million green jobs companies have posted online. “There is still room for this market to mature, and we expect to see improved growth across green segments in the coming months,” he says.

Green industry traditionally has a large number of jobs, such as electric vehicles and renewable energy, but there is also demand in sectors such as construction, engineering, manufacturing, food agriculture and packaging. “Organic farming is a segment that employs many as the market has grown at a considerable rate owing to rising awareness on food consumption patterns and the growth of the organic food industry in India,” says the report.

Jobs related to environmental services and waste management increased 458% in May. Monster.com data shows that Pharma and Biotech (54% higher) and KPO and Analytics (42% higher) also showed positive trends for green job placement.

Data shows that positions such as environment officer, sustainability specialist, energy analyst, design engineer, impact assessment officer, ESG advisor, waste management analyst, and hydraulic mechanical engineer, majorly in metro cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, are in demand. Most companies, as per the data, are hiring across experience levels of 2-4 years.