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Govt is exploring the possibility of hydrogen cells as fuel

August 12, 2021
DST india

Union minister of state science & technology Dr. Jitendra Singh informed that the government is exploring the possibility of hydrogen fuel cells to be used as fuel for the future of the country. In the Union Budget 2021, the government has announced the National Hydrogen Mission for making a hydrogen roadmap for the country.

The fuel cell program has been launched to support research on hydrogen and fuel cell that aims to develop transformational technologies to reduce the cost of hydrogen production, distribution & storage, diversify feedstock available for economic hydrogen production, enhance the flexibility of the power grid, and reduce emissions through novel uses of low-cost hydrogen. The DST has supported 29 projects and two energy storage platforms on hydrogen under this program.

DST recently launched “Advanced Hydrogen and Fuel Cell program” to support research on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell for the development of new and existing material in large quantities, catalysts, membrane, components for fuel cells, electrolyzers, and hydrogen storage materials, etc. DST has also planned to launch Centre of Excellence on Hydrogen Production and Fuel Cell.

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has developed and demonstrated India’s first fully indigenous fuel cell car comprising an indigenous 10 kW fuel cell stack, balance of plant, hydrogen cylinder, and other electric drive train components under its New Millennium Technology Leadership Initiative (CSIR-NMITLI) Program in partnership with M/s KPIT Technologies Limited, Pune as an industry partner. CSIR also showcased a high-temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cell-based 5 kW stationary power backup system for telecom towers in partnership with M/s Thermax Limited, Pune as an industry partner.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is supporting a broad-based research and development program in hydrogen and fuel cells. MNRE has supported a research & development project to the international advanced research centre for powder metallurgy & new materials (ARCI), Hyderabad for the design and development of 20kW low-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell with high indigenous content.