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Roger Federer Announces $5,00,000 Donation for Ukraine’s Children

The war in Ukraine poses an immediate and growing threat to the lives and well-being of the country’s 7.5 million children.
March 19, 2022
Roger Federer

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer, a former world number one, will donate half a million dollars to help children go to school in Ukraine, a country invaded by Russia.

The player will channel his help through the NGO War Child Holland, which provides assistance in Romania, Moldova and other countries to refugee children leaving Ukraine.

“My family and I are horrified to see the images from Ukraine and heartbroken for the innocent people who have been so terribly affected. We are for peace,” Federer said on Twitter.

“We will provide help to children in Ukraine who need care; about 6 million Ukrainian children are currently out of school and we know that this is a very critical time to provide them with access to education and we would like to support them in coping with this extremely difficult experience” he added.

“Through the Roger Federer Foundation, we will support War Children Holland with a donation of 500,000 dollars to create access to continuous schooling for Ukrainian children,” said the Swiss.

Another former No. 1 tennis player, three-time major champion Andy Murray, announced on March 8 that he would be donating his earnings from my prize money for the rest of the year to humanitarian efforts aimed at helping children in Ukraine.