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Delhi-NCR reports surge in cases of viral fever among children

September 10, 2021

Doctors in Delhi -NCR have said that they are witnessing a surge in viral fever cases, especially amongst children. A similar situation prevailed in several districts of Uttar Pradesh’, after which the state government ordered three teams of specialist doctors to be constituted and sent to Firozabad, Agra, and Mathura.

“We are in the midst of an outbreak of viral fevers. We are getting a lot of cases in children. Almost 25 per cent of our OPDs consist of children coming down with fever commonly with symptoms like cold, cough and fever,” said Dr Nitin Verma, Director, General Paediatrics, Madhukar Rainbow Children Hospital in Delhi.

“There are simple viral fever and in few cases of H3N2 which is a form of swine flu we are also getting that,” he added.

In Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, Vijay Bahadur Raj, the chief medical superintendent of the district hospital said, “We receive 1,100 to 1,400 out patients every day and most of these patients complain of symptoms resembling viral fever.” “So far we have around 50 confirmed cases of malaria in the Badaun but no case of dengue so far,” Raj added.

Bareilly CMS, Dr Subodh Sharma said, “A 10-year- old child who had very low platelets count was brought to hospital. The child succumbed within hours of admission. He had dengue-like symptoms we have sent his blood samples for confirmation.”

The district health administration has set up dedicated dengue and malaria wards in response to the confirmed cases.

Three-year-old dies of viral fever in Uttar Pradesh

As reported by the PTI, a three-year-old girl succumbed to suspected viral fever in Mathura’s Rahimpur village on Wednesday. Meanwhile, As many as 105 patients with dengue and viral fever were admitted last week to the government medical college in UP’s Firozabad, where the diseases have claimed 51 lives so far.

Symptoms of Viral fever

The authorities at the hospital has said that people are displaying different symptoms, and the cause of the disease is still being investigated. “Some have a fever, some have vomiting, others just have abdomen pain. So far, we are seeing that the children have low platelets. We are examining whether it’s dengue or something else.”