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BMC Develops Software to Track Drain Cleaning Work

April 26, 2022
Drain Cleaning

To provide transparency in drain cleaning work across the city, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has developed software where all updates related to drain cleaning will be uploaded. Citizens can use the software to track cleanup work in their area.

Previously, the BJP had demanded transparency in the work of desilting and cleaning drains. BJP MP Ashish Shelar demanded the formation of a task force to investigate the ongoing desilting work.

Officials from the Stormwater Drainage Department (SWD) said the software would provide details such as the amount of sediment removed on a given day, the amount of sediment in landfills and where the drains were cleaned, reports Indian Express.

“All the details will be uploaded on the software and later on the website. Citizens can also view the nullah cleaning progress in their areas. To ensure that the removed silt is transported and dumped at designated sites, the vehicles will be tracked at the place they pick up the silt. So far, about 15 per cent of the nullahs have been cleaned,” said an official from the SWD department.

Pre-monsoon drain cleaning work is expected to be completed by May 31 as per the standard procedure.

Every year, like clockwork, Mumbai floods after excessive rains that bring the city to a standstill, leaving behind severe damages to infrastructure, and throwing up new challenges for the city administrators to handle. This is despite substantial annual budgets sanctioned for desilting stormwater drains and attempts to rejuvenate rivers, including Mithi.