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Jyoti Verma

The writer is a media professional based in Delhi. She has been writing on diverse subjects, including sustainable businesses, environment and climate change, health and education and others.
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5 Sustainable Construction Marvels in India

March 30, 2022
No innovation in the globally warming world is complete without sustainability. The objective of being sustainable now reflects prominently in the way India builds its structures with the interest moving on LEED-rated green buildings to constructing public infrastructure using diverse waste, like

Nurturing Biodiversity on the Campus

March 19, 2022
On March 11, the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun, released the biodiversity report of the flora and fauna of the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee campus. The first such documentation of the 175-year-old campus, the study noted 304 species of 237
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Cow Dung, Everything But Waste

March 17, 2022
On March 10, beer company South African Breweries announced that it will soon use the manure of over 7,000 cows to power its operations. In a statement, the company briefed about the power-purchase agreement with Bio2Watt, an industrial-scale biogas waste-to-energy company that works

Rooftop Solar Is Where The Change Is

March 11, 2022
India added 1.7 GW of rooftop solar in 2021 with installations up 138 per cent compared to 2020, the highest-ever recorded increase in a calendar year, says the Mercom India Rooftop Solar Market Report Q4 and Annual 2021. The maximum increase was

Millet: The Food of Choice

The United Nations says that modern societies must focus on boosting the production of millets and highlight their benefits to reduce over-reliance on more commonly grown crops like rice and wheat and enhancing diverse diets and food security. “That’s especially true during
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Teetering On The Brink

March 4, 2022
Over the past two years, people around the world have felt, endured, and resigned themselves to the wrath of the Covid-19 pandemic. While many lives were taken by the virus, those who survived are left with long Covid, the after-effects of steroids,