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Apollo Tyres Commits Net Zero Carbon Emissions By 2050

July 12, 2022
apollo tyers

Onkar Kanwar, Chairman and CEO of Apollo Tyres Limited, said that his company is committed to being carbon neutral by 2050. The company is working on different aspects to make it a reality.

While addressing the 49th Annual General Meeting of the company, he said “While we saw a lot of work in our growth pillars, I would like to highlight our Sustainability pillar. Sustainability has become a buzzword in recent times, but at Apollo Tyres, it has long been embedded in our way of working.”

“I have mentioned in the past and I reiterate that we believe in creating a responsible company, in pursuit of sustainable growth and profits. We have created a culture where we expect each employee to behave and act in a socially responsible manner. We have made a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2050 and are working on multiple aspects to make this a reality.”, he added.

Companies’ Indian Operations grew by 23% and the European business grew by 18%. For FY22, Apollo Tyres grew at a robust pace of 20% with both the regions showing the average growth.

“We announced the ambitious target of reaching $5 billion by 2025-26. I am confident that with your support and the drive-by our people, we will reach the target.”, the CMD said.

“We are increasing the usage of sustainable raw material and encouraging our value chain to accelerate on the sustainable journey.”