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Apollo Launches AI-Powered Clinical Intelligence Engine For Doctors On Its Live Platform

February 6, 2023
Apollo Hospital_patches
Photo: Wiki Commons

The Apollo Hospitals group, has announced the launch of the Apollo Clinical Intelligence Engine (CIE)—a clinical decision support tool, which will be open to use by all doctors on Apollo’s live 24×7 platform across India. “Developed using the latest techniques in AI and ML, this tool is all set to revolutionise Indian healthcare by exponentially elevating the accuracy of diagnosis, doctor productivity and patient satisfaction, all in one go,” said a press statement issued by the hospital chain.

Giving details of the CIE, it highlighted that AI-powered platform has been trained on 1,300 conditions and 800 symptoms, which cover 95% of daily cases in the OPD. “Built by over 100 engineers, using 40 years of data from Apollo and the collective intelligence of 1000s of doctors along with supporting data from peer-reviewed journals, it is among the largest connected health data lakes in the world, which has been tested and validated by quite a few global academic institutions,” said the statement.

“Designed specifically for the South Asian Region mix, this indigenous breakthrough is powered by a knowledge base built, maintained and periodically reviewed by an in-house team of more than 500 Apollo doctors and specialists. It helps and support differential diagnosis situations as well, enabling doctors to be more prompt and precise for better clinical outcomes.”

Dedicating the Apollo Clinical Intelligence Engine doctors, Dr Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group said, “As I turn 90, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have built one of Asia’s largest omnichannel healthcare ecosystem. But it has always been my wish to do more to make India truly healthy, especially when we face a huge tsunami of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. When my team conceptualised the Clinical Intelligence Engine, I knew it was a breakthrough that would revolutionise healthcare as we know it. The CIE could not be restricted to Apollo but needed to be shared with doctors across India. I am therefore happy to offer the Apollo CIE to every qualified, practicing doctor in India I am sure that together, we will be able to make Indians healthier through timely and more accurate diagnosis independent of geographical, regional or income divides.”

The CIE is a self-learning engine that’s another tool at the the disposal of doctors for staying abreast with access to a vast library of knowledge. Last year, the CIE has been able to take into considerations over 6,00,000 new developments as result of clinical papers that get released.