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AMH SSC Donates 51 Lakhs CSR Fund To NSDF For Skill Development And Capacity Building

May 20, 2022
CSR Fund

Apparel Made-Ups Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council (AMH SSC) has donated Rs 51 lakh from its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund to the National Skills Development Fund (NSDF) to empower young Indians to acquire skills.

The cheque was presented by Premal Udani, Chairman AMH SSC to Rajesh Aggarwal, Secretary MSDE, in the presence of Ved Mani Tiwari, COO & Officiating CEO, NSDC and Dr Roopak Vasishtha, CEO AMH SSC. The fund will be utilized in the capacity building of the skilling ecosystem.

Education and skills development is fast emerging as the preferred option for CSR initiatives in India. By using CSR funds in a planned way, companies can not only strengthen the Skill India Mission but also create a strong labour market and have a profound impact on Skill India and millions of livelihoods.

Lauding the decision of AMH SSC, Rajesh Aggarwal, Secretary Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), said, “I extend my gratitude to Premal Udani, Chairman, AMH SSC, and the management of AMH SSC for this generous donation. I am confident that such a contribution will help expand the skilling sphere and add new avenues to the list of areas of skill development. The corporate sector’s support can play a big role in making skill development efforts more inclusive so that the skill divide will be minimized. Companies have resources, infrastructure, machinery, and expertise that can support the endeavour of skill development in the country. I would like to take this opportunity to urge more organisations to come forward and get involved in the skill-building activities and help strengthen the Skill India Mission.”

Premal Udani, Chairman, AMH SSC, said, “Given the huge task of achieving the target and maintaining quality and sustainability of the skill development mission being pursued in India, we realised that the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship would be a perfect choice to fulfil our CSR contributions, as they have extensive expertise and a focused vision towards skilling the youth of the country. We realise that industries have a crucial role in impelling lasting economic development of the country and investment by us in skilling the workforce makes a strong business case. This investment creates a win-win situation for industries by developing a vibrant and skilled labour market and serving our social responsibility purpose as well.