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Air India To Collaborate With Microsoft For Accelerating Digital Transformation

December 12, 2022
Air India

Air India, India’s leading airline and a Star Alliance member today announced a collaboration with Microsoft aimed at redefining employee experience and accelerating the company’s digital transformation journey. The collaboration seeks to unlock the opportunities that Microsoft’s collaboration and security tools provide to create a comprehensive, agile and empowering employee experience for Air India employees world-wide.

Attracting best-in-class talent is a key transformation pillar of the Vihaan.AI initiative that Air India has embarked upon. Designing a strong employee proposition and providing an intuitive and easy to use digital productivity and collaboration suite for every employee is a key part of this. Through the collaboration with Microsoft, Air India will have access to the rich set of tools in Microsoft 365, which will empower the company to provide best-in-class security, collaboration, integration, and effective communication capabilities.

“As we set out on the journey of transforming Air India’s technology landscape, at the top of our agenda was deploying a world-class productivity, collaboration, and security suite. The set of technologies that we have now deployed from Microsoft will help us reimagine our employee experience and make it a very compelling proposition for those who wish to join us in this exciting transformation journey. We plan to develop systems that implement unique airline use cases such as precision time schedule and aircraft turnaround management on top of the deployed Microsoft technologies,” said Air India’s Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Dr. Satya Ramaswamy.

“We were very impressed with the customer-focus and agility of Microsoft’s teams that helped us accomplish this milestone successfully in a very short timeframe,” Ramaswamy added.

“Air India is one of the most iconic brands in the country and we are honoured to work together to define the next frontiers of employee engagement in the airlines industry. In today’s hybrid work environment, energized, empowered employees are the key to durable competitive advantage for every organization. Our collaboration with Air India is aimed at empowering every employee in the company to do more, with the right solutions from the Microsoft 365 family to enhance security and collaboration across the organisation,” said Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India.

The roll out of Microsoft technologies enterprise-wide, will enable every employee of Air India to connect, communicate, and collaborate with other employees anywhere in the world instantaneously and in a secure manner. The collaboration is expected to result in major productivity improvements and cost savings for Air India while delivering a superior experience to its customers.

The standardization of the Microsoft 365 platform across the entire Air India staff will facilitate easy collaboration with other Tata group companies using the same platform.