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68% jobseekers looking to switch industries, says Amazon India survey

September 13, 2021
amazon india

An Amazon India survey to measure the impact of Covid-19 on jobs and future career plans among Indian professionals has found that 59 per cent of professionals were actively searching for a job and 90 per cent wanted to learn new skills.

The survey was conducted by Morning Consult, from August 17 to August 23, 2021, and covered 1,000 professional adults across India.
Over 35 per cent of employed professionals saw a pay cut as a result of Covid-19, and more than 68 per cent job seekers were looking to switch industries as a result of the pandemic, Amazon India said.

While 33 per cent of jobseekers were looking for jobs where they could do more meaningful work, 51 per cent were interested in pursuing opportunities in industries they did not have experience in.

“When applying for a job, 55 per cent of Indian professionals claim compensation is a major factor they look for… Job security is a major priority for 56 per cent of Indian professionals following the pandemic,” the company said.

For almost half of the professionals (49 per cent), opportunities to help them learn and develop was a high priority when considering a job, while a safe workplace environment was a high priority for 47 per cent of jobseekers.

About 75 per cent of professionals are concerned that their current set of skills will become outdated in five years, the survey found.
“Ninety per cent of India professionals are interested in learning new and transferrable career skills, 74 per cent of these professionals claimed this interest was a result of the pandemic.”

The company said it recently announced 8,000 direct job openings across 35 cities in the country, in line with its commitment to create 20 lakh direct and indirect jobs in India by 2025. Amazon will also host its first-ever Career Day in India on September 16.

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