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5 Odisha Districts to get better Education Facilities with 130 Schools

November 17, 2021
Odisha districts

Traditionally known as the backward state of sorts, Odisha has found itself coming to the forefront of progress and development over the past decades thanks to the opening up of trade and commerce based on the mining practices, as well as the smart city restructuring that has won many laurels for the state. Now, 5 of Odhisha’s districts are all set to get better academic facilities thanks to the 130 schools that were inaugurated by the CM Naveen Patnaik today.

These schools have been fashioned and structured along the 5T program which gives rise to a number of potential possibilities for wider social and welfare related impact along with economic opportunities. Under this program, the transformed school of Raigarh, Nuapada, Ganjam, Sambalpur and others stand to benefit. Over 500 schools in these Odisha districts have already been pledged and dedicated to this cause. The program has been designed to ensure that there is more tribal community representation in the academic environment and more female participation, among a host of other outcomes. Many are seeing this move as one that aims to transform rural development and take it to the next level of inclusive and participative ethos.

Competition is also a major theme that these Odisha districts hope to address with the transformation of these schools. This would help them also implement the NEP in a far better and more efficient manner so that they are at par with the rest of the nation and ready to take on the future challenges thrown at professionals globally. The point is to also create the right environment for learning and development in context of the world markets and industries so that the children coming out of the doors of such schools are able to make a place for themselves and represent their state in a better manner in the future.