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252 LMT Wheat Procured After Government Relaxes Quality Norms Due To Untimely Rains

May 11, 2023
Wheat Export Ban

Nearly 252 lakh metric tonne (LMT) procurement of wheat has been done till 9th May, 2023 during ongoing Rabi Marketing Season (RMS) 2023-24. This figure is 75 LMT higher than the corresponding date during RMS 2022-23.

The current procurement of 252 LMT of wheat has already surpassed the total procurement of 188 LMT wheat during entire RMS 2022-23. Food Corporation of India along with other state agencies are engaged in the Procurement operations and the procurement is continuing smoothly in all the procuring States across the country.

About 20 lakh farmers have already been benefitted so far from the ongoing wheat procurement operations, with payment of more than ₹47,000 crores (at MSP) directly credited to their Bank Accounts. More farmers are yet to be benefitted since the procurement is continuing; and on daily average, more than 2 LMT wheat is still being procured. Major contribution in the procurement has come from three wheat procuring states of Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh with procurement of 118.68 LMT, 62.18 LMT and 66.50 LMT respectively.

One of the major factors, contributing the progressive procurement this year, is the relaxation in quality specifications of wheat being procured. This has been granted in view of untimely rains leading to luster loss. This will reduce the hardship of farmers and check any distress sale.

The government has also allowed all the states to open procurement centres at villages and panchayat level and to carry out the procurement through co-operative Societies, gram panchayats, Arhatias, etc. also, in addition to already existing designated procurement centres, for better outreach.

The rice procurement is also progressing smoothly. A quantity of 366 LMT of rice has been procured till 09.05.2023 during kharif crop of KMS 2022-23 with another 140 LMT yet to be procured. Further, a quantity of 106 LMT rice has been estimated to be procured during the Rabi crop of KMS 2022-23.

The combined stock position of wheat and rice in the Central Pool, has reached 580 LMT (Wheat 310 LMT and Rice 270 LMT) which puts the country in a comfortable position to meet its requirements of food grains. With the ongoing procurement of wheat and rice, the food grains stock levels are on rise in Government granaries ensuring Food Security to entire nation.